EFT for Food Cravings


EFT for Food Cravings


Food Cravings: are you struggling with them? craving for cookies, chips, ice cream? do you need to keep to a diet but can't resist sugar or carbs?

In this class you will learn how to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) also called Tapping to reduce or eliminate your food cravings.

This is a hands-on class where you will experience using this technique on yourself and feeling the freedom that it brings.  Nadia Clark is your instructor and she will bring some chocolate, cookies and some chips to class so that you can learn to deal with them immediately!

EFT has been recommended by Dr. Mercola in the books: The No-Grain Diet and Effortless Healing.

Class limited to 10 participants so registration is required

Fee: $25

Saturday March 24th
2:00 to 3.30pm

at Herbal Wisdom Institute
8141 E. Florentine Rd Suite B
Prescott Valley

Questions or to register by phone: (928)227-2760

Possibility of starting a weekly support group for anyone who is interested.


About Nadia Clark:

Nadia Clark has always been interested in the human mind, in language and emotions. The interest in emotions came more deeply after being introduced to Emotional Freedom Techniques, also called EFT or Tapping in 2001. She had previously studied Reiki and handwriting analysis.
She continued her career in picture framing and developed an appreciation for working with her hands and for tools. 

EFT seemed a very simple, practical tool to deal with unexpressed or hidden or visible emotions. She practiced on herself, shared it with all those around and taught some classes on how to use EFT at Yavapai College with the Community Education Program.

Nadia Clark who was born in France is also a French tutor. She enjoys nature photography, rock hounding, archeology and meeting up with her  family and friends. 

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