Terpenes 101: The Steering Wheel for Cannabis

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Terpenes 101: The Steering Wheel for Cannabis

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Understanding how cannabis works allows you to make better decisions on your health care choices for conditions such as anxiety & depression, PTSD, chronic pain, cancer, and neurological disorders.

In this class you will learn how the terpenes (the oils that create the flavors and scents of plants) affect how cannabis works in the human body. By learning which terpenes help which ailments, you can find the ones that will work best for you.

Saturday February 24, 2018

Cost: By donation
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All proceeds from this class will be donated to the American Legion Post 78 in Dewey-Humboldt, Arizona in honor of Jimmy Hosner, Legion Commander and father of Herbal Wisdom Institute's Program Director Kris Vaughan, who passed away from cancer in December 2017. The American Legion was his passion and his family and we wish to support their efforts for veterans.

Instructor: Steve Rosen

Sgt. Steve Rosen is a 20 year Army veteran and the owner and coach for Kickstart Bootcamp for Women in Prescott, AZ. Steve has lived with severe depression most of his life and discovered emotional stability through the use of medical marijuana when all other interventions had failed. Steve is also certified in cannabis counseling and offers guidance and support for those wishing to learn the safe use of cannabis for health conditions. Learn more about Sgt. Steve HERE.

This class is for educational purposes only. Herbal Wisdom Institue is not a marijuana certification clinic or dispensary.

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