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Prescott Area Herbalists Mix & Mingle

Join us for our monthly Mix and Mingle where we connect with other herbal enthusiasts and share information about the many useful and medicinal plants we have available to us. Each month we will gather and learn about a particular herb or topic in order to expand our awareness of the world of herbs. We will create a strong community focused on traditional healing methods when we gather together.

Upcoming Monthly Topics

November 11th: Herbs for Cold and Flu Care

December 9th: The Art of Herbal Infusions

January 13th: Herbs for Digestion

February 10th: Organic Herb Gardening

March 10th: Spring Tonics

April 14th: Flower Essences

To make these events successful and interesting, I ask for 2-3 volunteers for each event to share something about the topic of the day. You will be given 10-20 minutes each to present to the group. You may use visual aids and samples of items as they fit in your presentation. The purpose is to expand our knowledge, not to promote your business. Of course, you can do that in your own time at our events but, please, avoid self-promotion during your presentations.

Here are some ideas of types of informational presentations you can give:

• Herbal monographs - share what you know about a plant's habitat, structure, and uses

• Personal story of herbs for improving health

• Demonstration (art, food, medicine preparation, etc using/about an herb)

• Herbal energetics or spiritual aspects of an herb

• Organic herb gardening techniques

• Current Events - share topical news information in regards to herbs or natural health

• any other creative presentation you can think of

Keep in mind, these are just ideas. As long as what you want to do follows the topic of the month, it should be fun. If you would like to volunteer to speak, contact me by email to schedule your month and type of presentation. All slots are first come, first served:

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