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Foods for Breast Health

Know the foods targeted for breast cancer prevention and intervention in  several types of breast cancer.

Diet plays a major role in the cause, treatment success, and survival outcome in those with breast cancer. Even genetic cancers are triggered or quieted by diet. Our food choices present us with incredible opportunities for self-care and serious intervention, wether at-risk, just diagnosed, in treatment or living your life afterwards.

Real and whole common foods combine thousands of safe plant compounds which multi-task targeting many of the molecular pathways that are part of cancer's development.We will explore the foods which have been studied for their benefit against breast cancer and discuss the foods and food-related factors that trigger cancer growth.

Saturday October 6, 2018
10:00am - 12:00pm

Cost: $35.00

Instructor: Dale Bellisfield, RN, HN-BC, RH(AHG)