Immunity Aromatherapy Spray


Immunity Aromatherapy Spray


Gem Elixirz

Aromas: The essential oils of Eucalyptus, Frankincense, Lemon and Lavender are blended together to provide a powerful immunity enhancer. Frankincense and Lemon are part of the famous “Thieves Formula”.

Gemstones found in each bottle:
Amethyst- Reinforces the immune system and relieves stress.
Calcite- Absorbs negative energies and fortifies the immune system.
Turquoise- Powerfully protective stone, it strengthens the entire body including immune system.
Fluorite- A great immune system boosting gemstone it also stimulates the regeneration of cells.

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Combining the power of aromatherapy and semi-precious gemstones, these products bring about transformation in specific areas of your life. All gemstones within the products are pre-drilled and ready for you to make into any custom jewelry. Remember, lasting change comes over time and with consistency so make sure to expose yourself to these transformation tools often throughout the day.