Source CBD Tincture 1oz


Source CBD Tincture 1oz

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CBD derived from industrial grade hemp in a base of coconut oil. This is a full spectrum CBD hemp oil and not made from CBD isolates.

Source CBD offers the highest quality, non- psychoactive, gold- grade CBD oil available on the legal market.  It is packed with natural terpenes such as Alpha Pinene, Beta Pinene, Lemonine and many other incredibly beneficial cannabinoids such as Cannabachromene and Cannabigerol. Our coconut oil infused supplements have the highest bio availability of any CBD product on the market

Suggested dosage is .1mg to .2mg per pound
(example: body weight 150 x .1mg = 15mg per day)

How much CBD is in Source CBD tinctures?
The breakdown is as follows:
200mg/1oz – 6.6mg per 1 full dropper
500mg/1oz – 16.6mg per 1 full dropper
1000mg/1oz – 33.3mg per 1 full dropper
2000mg/1oz – 66.6mg per 1 full dropper
2000mg/2oz – 66.6mg per 1 full dropper
5000mg/2oz – 166.6mg per 1 full dropper

Are Source CBD products legal in all 50 states? 
All of Source CBD products are 100% legal in all 50 states. Our CBD products are non- psychoactive and are derived from 100% industrial grade hemp grown in Germany.  It is harvested with non- detectable levels of THC with lab testing at under 0.30%.

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