If you have been struggling with a health condition, or are watching a loved one struggle, and you are frustrated with your healthcare choices in a contemporary medical system then learning to care for your health with herbal medicine and alternative healing modalities may be your answer.

Is Herbalism Right For Me?

  • Do you have a chronic health condition?

  • Do you care for a loved one who has a chronic condition?

  • Are you frustrated with the contemporary medicine options provided to you?

  • Have you experienced negative side effects from pharmaceutical medications?

  • Are you concerned with the direction that the healthcare system is going?

  • Do you strive to live in a natural and sustainable way?

  • Are you concerned about the conservation and propagation of our plant species?

  • Do you have a desire to strengthen your connection to the earth?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Herbal Wisdom Institute is where you need to be.

Herbal Wisdom Institute in Prescott Valley, Arizona provides beginning and advanced herbalism courses for all interest levels. At Herbal Wisdom Institute you have the opportunity to create lasting health and healing through the use of herbs. You will learn local useful and medicinal plants on herb walks, medicine making workshops, Herbal Medicine Basics courses, and Herbalist Certification.

Herbal Wisdom Institute offers alternative medicine and wellness courses of all kinds through our sponsorship of instructors all over the country. Here you will have the opportunity to learn alternative healing modalities from instructors who are experts in their field through classes held in various locations and online courses. Be sure to subscribe to our email newsletter at the bottom of the page to receive notice of new classes being added. You may also check our class calendar which changes periodically.

Our Story

Herbal Wisdom Institute was founded in 2016 by clinical herbalist, Kris Vaughan. Kris began practicing as an herbalist in 2009 and has been called to share her knowledge with others in her community. She saw the need to have an herbalism school in Northern Arizona to allow easier access to classes for people in her area. Kris has gathered a highly skilled group of educators to the Institute in order to offer you the most well-rounded courses on traditional/western herbalism, alternative healing modalities, as well as Arizona desert plant courses focused on Native American traditions.

The Herbal Wisdom Institute is a natural setting for Kris Vaughan to share her superior herbal knowledge. Kris is a dynamic speaker who conveys the information with such enthusiasm and passion that her students are always left craving for more. Her formal herbal training, extensive clinical experience, and management level background in sales and marketing in herbal supplement manufacturing and distribution qualify her as an authority on botanical medicine. Plant-based medicine continues to be one of the most widely used therapies worldwide for promoting health, wellness, and longevity. It is essential for budding herbalists to receive formal instruction of traditional use accompanied by an understanding of current scientific mechanisms to assure this natural healing modality remains in the forefront of time-honored medicine. Every promising herbalist bar none will benefit from Kris’ instruction and from the opportunities this knowledge affords, whether seeking this information for self-treatment, caring for loved ones or going on to pursue professional practice.
— Ken Koenig, D.C. Former Dean of Education & Executive Director of the National Board of Homeopathic Examiners and Past President & Owner of Wise Woman Herbals

Videos on YouTube

Herbs for PMS and menopause. Kris Vaughan, CH is a certified clinical herbalist and program director of Herbal Wisdom Institute in Prescott Valley Arizona. www.herbalwisdominstitute.com

Do you wish to explore herbalism as a career?

  • Become a clinical herbalist

  • Become a medicinal herb grower or wildcrafter

  • Learn to manufacture herbal medicines

  • Become an herb retailer

  • Become an herbalism educator

  • Work for an herbal product manufacturer

The opportunities for a career in herbalism are as endless as your dreams. Herbal Wisdom Institute offers courses to meet all levels of interest. 

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