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Finding the right herbalist for you is important when you are choosing to use herbal medicine for your health and wellness. Find n herbalist in your area using our directory.



Kris Vaughan, CH

Herbal Wisdom Institute
Prescott Valley, AZ


I am a Certified Clinical Herbalist specializing in chronic illness, digestive disorders, and autoimmune, Herbalism educator and founder of Herbal Wisdom Institute. I am also a Director for Wise Woman Herbals, an herbal product manufacturer. I was called to the plants and to share these healing traditions with others. The plants have changed my life and I am passionate about connecting plants and people.

Danielle Venable, CH

Prescott Valley, AZ

If one is fortunate enough, they have a passion. Mine happens to be holistic health. I enjoy guiding others on their journey to wellness. I specialize in herbal medicine and nutrition, which I feel are a necessary combination to keep the body in balance.

Danielle is a graduate of the Foundations in Western Herbalism course at Herbal Wisdom Institute.

Carrie Gray

Gilbert, Arizona
(480) 707-9347

I love making products! Custom orders are encouraged!

Laura Lago

Tucson, Arizona
(928) 920-0028

I focus on teaching and am presently offering an 8 month course on Herbs for Health in Yuma, Arizona. I also provide consultations in Yuma and Tucson or by phone. Most remedies are made to order for the individual. I have a website that sells creams, salves tinctures and syrups and am starting an herbal CSA in the fall of 2018.

Madalyn Johnson

Mesa, Arizona

I focus on bringing a body back into balance with botanicals in teas, topicals, and extracts through listening and working together. Education is key to taking control of our own health. I am the Co-owner of SW Herb Shop, helping our community co-create their health.


Dee Norleen

Sedona, Arizona
(443) 623-0524

Sun.Rae HERBALS promotes and produces herbal medicine and botanical body care products. We are proponents of natural healing through the understanding and use of plants and their symbiotic relationship to humankind. We are divinely coded to be enriched by nature. Our focus is on clinical healing with a vitalist approach to herbal medicine and the human constitution.


Darcey Blue French

Flagstaff, Arizona
(520) 429-2654

Shamanic Herbalist focusing on wildcrafted SW plant medicines, vibrational plant spirit essences, earth based ceremony and soul work mentorship, wilderness vision fast and Rites of Passage ceremony for girls and women in all life stages. Personal individual herbal/shamanic apprenticeships and group workshops on case by case basis. Seasonally available Community Supported Herbalism packages by mail order.


JoAnna Sanchez, AHG

New River, Arizona
(623) 465-7359

I am primarily an educator focusing on teaching herbal teachers, cultivation of botanical medicines, also clinic work with Lyme disease, serving students of our vocational craft, Sonoran plant specialties, pharmacy and phytochemistry.



Sierra Thompson Nordquist, NTP, CH

Eugene, Oregon
(541) 632-4409

As a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) and Certified Herbalist (CH), my passion lies in nourishing and educating myself and those around me. As such I focus on balanced nourishment through culinary and herbal alchemy while nurturing lifestyle shifts to best support you and your bioindividual needs. With compassion and education, I focus on prioritizing the balance and support of digestive disorders, blood sugar balancing and autoimmune conditions.

Kohpala G. Davis

Williams, Oregon
(541) 761-9044

Free advanced herbal education on Instagram @eldersisterorganics
20+ year Herbalist in clinical practice
Rootsy Homebirth Midwife specializing in Women's, Infants and Children's holistic health


Lori Ann Faulx

Manorville, Pennsylvania
(724) 612-6882

I specialize in adult respiratory issues, depression issues, pain and discomfort issues, sleep issues, and overall wellness.



Laura Baum

Richmond, Virginia
(347) 781-9814

Laura's Botanicals offers professional herbal formulation in teas, elixirs, medicinal oils and green beauty (natural skincare). We also offer herbal mentorship and informal consultations for local and at distance clients. Our products and services are provide additional support to your already existing health routines. All of our herbal products are made in house in Richmond Virginia, always small batch, and with plants we grew, wildcrafted or sustainably sourced. Custom orders are also available.

(Herbalists in this directory are not necessarily affiliated with Herbal Wisdom Institute and are listed here as a service to our community. Herbal Wisdom Institute takes no responsibility for the qualifications and skills of the herbalists listed.)

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